Monday, November 10, 2014

Sculptures By The Sea

For a few weeks at the start of the season, that world famous coastal walk between Bondi and Bronte Beach is even busier than the beach. 
It's like a Walmart opening up on that path.
Sculpture By The Sea is an annual outdoor art exhibit; a little bit tourist attraction, a little bit Burning Man.
I had to wait ages for the tourists to clear.
Not a bad perch.
My lifesaving pal, Sophia.
It's hard to compete with the natural beauty of this coastline, but every year a few of the installations feel like they should be permanent. And others just work so well with their environment, such as the giant frying pan below at Tamarama. But it's all over now. You missed it. Come back next year!
Somewhere to sizzle at Tamarama Beach.

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