Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Yonah's FGM!

Look at this gorgeous little guy. His name is Yonah Madison. I was honored when his mother asked me to be his Godfather; I even went into a church for his baptism and have a certificate to prove it!
Because he is heaven and I'm his Fairy Godmother, I had a star in the solar system named after him (with the coordinates RA: 1h8m35.4s DEC: -10°10m56.0s, if you're near a telescope) yeah, you can do that – he has a certificate to prove it!

"No man ever followed his genius til it misled him." – Thoreau.
So follow your genius, little man, wherever it may lead you!

1 comment:

Tony said...

Hey Jesse -
Way to go,, braving the church precincts. Apparently lightning hasn't struck.
Did you know that as a godparent, you have some responsibility for his spiritual development, whatever path that takes? Kid is fortunate to have a fairy godparent to take him under his wing.
Good luck.