Thursday, September 04, 2014

Crap Taxidermy's Hangover

Crap taxidermy is just about my favorite thing out there -- right up there with anthropomorphised dogs and the culinary frankensteins regularly featured on I really wish I had thought up the crap taxidermy meme because in my travels I have been to some rotting third world museums and, although I never spotted this amazingly gay-faced lynx, I have SEEN SOME THINGS.
But Buzzfeed has gone and jumped the shark with "22 Types of Hangovers as Illustrated by Crap Taxidermy". I can hardly go on. Here's a sampling:
The "If I move I might puke" hangover.
The "It's 3pm and I still feel like death" hangover.
The "my whole world is still spinning" hangover.

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