Sunday, August 24, 2014

Malta Mia!

Been nearly a month, and what a month... the incredible Atlantis Cruise across the Mediterranean with my very bestest friends from all over the world. First stop, MALTA. They said entering the harbor at Valletta is one of the world's most impressive sailing experiences -- and no kidding.
The usual suspects.
It's an ancient historical town that was conquered by just about everyone from the Knights Templar to Napolean. The Ottomans 1565 "seige of Malta" they're still talking about. Malta lies in a super strategic position, and also suffered terribly in WW2 bombings -- but every building is still in the same uniform camel color -- even if built in 1982, it still matches the same period and color -- which is just uniformly impressive and so stylistically old world.

Me and my bestie!

Cooldan, Bam, Simon, Wayne.

Bam and Cooldan do their fake slap thing. Except here I think he actually hit him. 

We went to the famed Blue Grotto.
which really is this BLUE. 
The island way out there was like... just a slice of cliff. Where have you ever seen that?
The water really is this clear.

Wayne, do you think they will gift me Malta? I'll take a time-share.
I haven't lost a leg, it's just I love Malta THIS much.

Meanwhile, back on the pool deck of the cruiseship... I got Anita a gift:

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