Sunday, July 27, 2014

"I'll Never Shake This Way Again" - Mayday's Bday Bash

So, yeah, my birthday dress was inspired by the one and only Cyd Charisse... a little something she wore in The Bandwagon opposite Fred Astaire. WHO WORE IT BETTER? No, don't answer that.

We got ready at Richard's, in Darlinghurst. He set up a full vanity with lots of champagne and all the usual suspects showed up. Everyone got a makeover from a pro, Nathan. Well, everyone except Mai Tai...who came out of retirement in Tangiers just for tonight.
Mai Tai
Simone, Belle Igerent and Mayday. 
Simone took to drag like a DUCK TO WATER. Slut.
Belle, Mayday and Simone with Martyn.

Below: Miss 3-D
Getting into it.

Polly was so proud.
A few friends dropped by for the shenanigans. 
 And my second number I had my mate Paul Croft mix Ann Miller's classic from Easter Parade, "Shaking Your Blues Away" (because it really can't get dreamier for me than being dressed as Cyd Charisse and performing Ann Miller) together with "I'll never love this way again" (Dionne) and "I Have Nothing" (Whitney). In the end, the mix "I'll Never Shake This Way Again" was my bipolar ode to exactly the way I feel about 40.

Whoa - you can see how I started to lose my wig! And talk about a bipolar video. That was Simone behind the camera... and what's even sloppier -- in a climactic moment with the music -- I threw off my detachable skirt!!

And after all that, Polly had me do an ENCORE!! The crowd went wild...

My last number was a duet with Mai Tai --- "I wanna dance with somebody" and Mai Tai was so messy she fell off the stage AND lost her wig during our number! I wanna dance with... a DRUNK BITCH!" This triple photo action says all in slo-mo:


And she's off! Meanwhile, OUTSIDE... Simone.

INSIDE... Mayday says come hither!

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