Monday, June 16, 2014

Weekend Tripping

And now for something a little bit different.. because how many firsts do I have left? On Saturday,
Australian Rules Football... Sydney Swans vs Port Adelaide at the cricket grounds. There is something creepy in the mighty roar of a crowd. Bloodthirsty. Reminds me always of rooting for the lions to kill the Christians.
But then you have a couple drinks and kind of get into it. Especially when the outfits are attractive and sporty and not all padded up like an armored knight as in American football. They also don't have lots of whistles and time outs. If they fumble, they're not allowed to actually hold onto the ball. If they do, the whole bloodthirsty crowd starts chanting "Baaaaallll". And anytime they pass it, they don't throw it. They sort of pop it, like you'd serve a volleyball.

We sat right behind where the players swapped in and out of the game. Each time a player came off the field, they were handed this old fashioned phone, like a 1980s phone with a spiral cord. This was not a prop. They actually spoke into the big old receiver and we kept guessing who it might be calling to congratulate them. God? Jennifer Lopez? We were told it was the coach. Now you'd think coach is on the field with his players, but he's not. He is up in a booth somewhere, apparently for a better view of the whole playing field. And of course the opportunity to use a retro 1980s phone.

Sunday took a 2.5 hour train all the way down to Kiama... for no other reason than to have a couple beers and see a sleepy country coastal town...
... and its notorious blowhole.
I should have taken video - the spewing that comes up from this gaping hole in the rocks... and the sound.. and mist. There was this kid, about 5 years old, who was so excited about each geyser-like spout, his father kept pleading with him to leave but the kid just wouldn't he was so mesmerized. I bet they're still there.
blowhole and rainbow! Zhoozed up by Instagram.

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