Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Capitalism #Winning!

Living outside of the States it's always curious to see how the country is perceived, and ultimately how I perceive it. For sure, I can admire the ingenuity and innovation that keeps America ahead. It is also a nation of friendly, boisterous people and I'm glad that I was brought up to speak up and have opinions, to challenge and be challenged. And look how in America the free, brave, and beautiful... those qualities (ingenuity and opinion) mate, twist and flip to this challenging conclusion: bulletproof blankets for your kids at school!

Yes, this has happened. America, you do the planet proud.

All these family-value preaching supposed patriots braying about 2nd amendment rights. By that, the founding fathers clearly meant assault weapons. Why not explosive bombs, too? And hand grenades? Hand grenades don't kill people. People kill people!

Here is a map of America that shows the 74 school campus shootings (from murder to suicide to accidental firing) that have happened in the year and half since 26 kids and teachers were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary; the event that truly showed American mettle -- because not even after that slaughter would lawmakers even pass a bill to expand background checks for firearm purchases.

The gun lobby bankrolling congress proves not just that Americans prefer guns to their kids. More than ingenuity, more than opinions, America values the dollar and what that ultimately looks like is schoolkids cowering beneath bulletproof blankets.

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