Thursday, June 26, 2014

Can You Joke About AIDS?

That's the topic of my latest essay for this month's OUT Magazine, which you can read here. I lost a few 'friends' after asking for AIDS jokes online and also in my research I found some seriously sick humor coming from those right at the center of the epidemic. As I get older, I find my writing is less strident, which hopefully doesn't mean less persuasive, but by the end of the piece I don't really want readers to know where I stand on making AIDS jokes (but of course you know where I stand).
Illo by Edel Rodriguez

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Tony said...

Right - do we joke about people with cerebral palsy, MS, Downs Syndrome, SARS, TB, heart failure? There are always people who do, but we consider them clueless, insensitive, and ignorant at best; or crass, mean and stupid or worse. How's that for strident?
Despite that, I do think your less strident, reasoned style is definitely more persuasive.