Thursday, May 01, 2014

Beachfront Camping

Headed with friends to camp at Coledale, about 30kms north of Woollongong (you know a place has an Aboriginal name if it has a W and about a hundred vowels). We put up camp in the dark and then woke up to this view: 
The best setting ever, even though we didn't have the best tent because you really can't go past my friend Tom's Vokswagen Bus tent.... which you would not expect to be highly functional, but it was.
Breakfast of Nisha's homemade bircher meusli.

We had so much fun at this spot. Lots of music and lively activity and exploration going on - including massive swell in the surf.
Liquid lunch at the nearby Scarborough Hotel.
Saturday night we headed on the train to terrorize the locals at Woollongong's gay nightclub, INDUSTRY.
Woollongong is known as "the Gong". We definitely gonged it hard. 
And caught some crazy public bus back at around 3am. The last thing I remember is the poor beleaguered driver telling us to shut up or he was going to let us out in the middle of nowhere.

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