Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Otherwordly Future Festival

I have no idea how I let Bam talk us into the  FUTURE MUSIC FESTIVAL. Something to do with, "it's what's next Jess, got to keep up!" and even though it cost $200 and featured a ton of artists I didn't know, I like to keep up.
Sydney's Randwick Racecourse is an amazing, huge outdoor venue and there were multiple music stages with lineups throughout the hot day. What I wasn't prepared for was that what's next - was the generation. I had no idea the crowd would be so... future.
 Out of a hundred thousand millenials, with a median age of 21, we stuck out. To put it gently, they are unseasoned partiers. So at first, I wasn't feeling it. But they weren't causing trouble, everyone was having fun - and just read to see what happens next.
You've got Tinnie Tempeh on stage, and Pharrell Williams, and then comes Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and a couple songs in, they play SAME LOVE and the crowd is still going wild, thousands of millenials rocking out and singing along to an anthem about gay love I already feel like I'm on another planet, because in all my life I could never have predicted such a thing. First that there would exist a song like this at all, let alone win a Grammy, or that thousands of teenagers would be rocking out to it, singing along to it, and not pelting the stage with beer bottles.

And then it really went otherwordly. A shirtless surfer dude, maybe 19, comes up to us during Same Love and says that we're "what this is all about" and that he's "proud" of us and cut to us gay boys completely speechless. We thank him awkwardly and and then a random girl pokes me on the shoulder and asks if she can have a picture with us. It was sweet, well-intentioned if naive; it was tokenism at its finest. And I must admit I'm totally feeling this generation.
Me and Simon representing gen X
the foam dance floor

Lazy millenials resting on the dance floor!

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Tony said...

HA! I suspect you guys were less the token "gay guys," than the token "old guys." Welcome to geezerdom!