Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Living in Remarkable Times

Here's a little essay I wrote as a man of my time, of my place. Living In Remarkable Times appears in this month's OUT magazine. No doubt my claws will be back out another day, but here I just wanted to prove I can be thoughtful.
Amazing illustration by Edward McGowan.


TONY said...

Beautiful. I was a total but sympathetic bystander during the plague, sorry to say. However, along with many others, I was outraged and disgusted by the homophobic rants on the Senate Floor by Jesse Helms, the senator from NC at the time.
Another North Carolinian, the brilliant Reynolds Price,helped redeem the state in his heartrending novel, "The Promise of Rest," where one of the characters comes home to NC to die of AIDS, cared for by his father and family. It's the concluding book in Price's magnificent trilogy, "A Great Circle." It can be read as a stand alone story, even though the first two novels provide context and added poignancy. Here's what a literary critic, Dr. Tony Shaw said about the epic:

"These three novels chart 90 years in the history of the Mayfield family, and the first volume, The Surface of Earth, is a large novel of almost 500 pages that represents about half of the work as a whole.
In this trilogy the family exerts an extremely powerful influence - more powerful than other relationships, even marital ties. And yet, 'off-center' relationships - homosexual ones, mixed generational sexual ones, platonic ones, ostensibly casual ones, can be overwhelmingly powerful too.
In Price's trilogy, love kills, and its repercussions are devastating."

Jesse Archer said...

Thanks Tony. Great suggestion, I've never heard of A Great Circle - worth checking out. I do recall, I think it was Act Up, activists putting a condom over Jesse Helm's home. For men like him, I want to believe there is a hell.