Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Just TRY drowning!!

Or stepping on a blue-ringed octopus, or swimming outside the flags... because guess who's North Bondi's newest lifeguard!!??
After months of training on CPR, First Aid, boards plus loads of Run-swim-runs and signals, I finally got my certificate and join the rest of my amazing squad of Bronze Medallion lifesavers! Huge thanks to our incredible and incredibly patient trainers Drew, Jodie, Rhys and Rhys! Season is over, but I start patrolling next summer... Is your faith restored in the safety of Sydney's beaches?
ceremony inside the clubhouse. Those windows look like paintings!


Tony said...

Hey Jesse -
Way to go. The run-swim-run drills must have been a challenge. I'd have to seriously buff up to be seen on North Bondi - not to mention it would be kind of a long trip to the beach for me. But who knows - watch out for old guys - it could be me.

Jesse Archer said...

Listen for the whistle, Tony!