Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Panti's Impassioned Speech

How much do I love a drag queen named Panti Bliss. Or that Panti Bliss made an eloquent and totally accessible speech at the Abbey theatre about oppression that went viral and was even discussed in the Irish parliament. Or that said speech has now been remixed by the Pet Shop Boys!

So much of what she illustrates I've personally experienced and never thought about in such a nuanced way. Anecdotes about the nice lady at the neighborhood cafe, cringing at your flaming friend, checking yourself at the pedestrian crossing... take a look.

The backstory: Panti appeared on an Irish TV program that asked her if there was homophobia in Ireland. Her answer named a Catholic lobby group, which took offense and threatened the TV station. The station issued a formal apology and paid the Catholics out $100K. This scandal, known as #Pantigate led to this speech denouncing this "neat Orwellian trick" that makes homophobes the victims of homophobia.

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