Saturday, March 15, 2014

Easy Living

Felt for all my friends in the northern hemisphere suffering through that wicked polar vortex, formerly known as winter (drama queens). It's been a gorgeous endless summer in Sydney!
Beach Boys at Bronte: Simon, Jesse, Steve and Jack
Taking a moment out of the mardi gras parade for some press!
At a PR event for Schick with co-worker Brodie. He's got the power gun. I'm riding that bull!
Boys day out... babysitting Noah and Leo!
Heather Numberone brings all the boys to her yard at the DNA stall at Fair Day.
5am performance at Mardi Gras after-party. Or maybe it's the midnight show? Who can say?!
Saw Dolly Parton in concert - from the nosebleeds! Who doesn't love Dolly?

I simply could not get enough of this luscious tranny at the MG party...
We were all meant to go hiking on this day. But it was way too nice out! 

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