Thursday, January 23, 2014

Stardust Ballroom

And this, my friends, is my local pub. Witness the big hair, the warm atmosphere, the hint that you might win the lotto. That's just how I feel, having discovered the Eastern Suburbs Legion Club.
These locals RSLs are a very cool Australian thing, created for returned service members (hats off!) - and it's a local community, such an authentic place in a world of pretenders. We are members ($2.50 a year!) and when we enter, the median age drops by several decades. There are often bands, but tonight is karaoke night and there is Antoinette on the stage beginning her number. She is queen of the stardust ballroom and soon she will be putting her foot, minx-like, on one of the old men's laps cooing to Nancy Sinatra's "These boots are made for walking".

Patrons are not only the same every week, they sing the same karaoke songs every week, and there are always people dancing... especially that woman with the big blonde bouffant and her partner. No performance is too terrible not to get her up out of her seat and dancing check to cheek. The other woman on the right in what looks like a nightie? She spins around and around in her own world of interpretive dance. There are toothless old men, in the back behind me, like those old Muppets, but staring at TV and often completely asleep.

We've made friends with the bartenders, Sue and Yvonne, who love it when we come in. Last time we went, they asked why we missed the previous karaoke night. Apparently it was a whopper. A brawl broke out during a performance of "Smooth Operator"!

Now I am usually a performer who loves an audience, but as you might imagine, here I just sit back and watch the show!

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