Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Just another Saturday in Sydney

The day started off normally enough. We took our friends Noah and Leo to see the movie Frozen
But that evening my straight, lifesaving friend Rhys decided to have a drag celebration for his 30th birthday at the Burdekin. We also had tickets with friends to see a tango concert at Sydney Town Hall that same night. And wouldn't you know – it took so long getting ready that we weren't going to have to change outfits. So this is how we rocked up to Town Hall.
"Mayday will be your hostess tonight in Centennial Hall."
The bevel pose is to die for, no? Such a lady! Simon was none too happy that this kind of exposure was going to happen in front of a discerning live audience and felt all sorts of pressure but somehow, SIMONE got right into it and didn't mind at all!
However, being only her second time in drag, Simon is now losing both big toenails....
With our pal Georgina at Town Hall.
Afterward, we dragged her and her husband back to the party. This below is not them:
Lifesaving pal Nisha with India Schincter.
The very messy Miss Anya Back.
 A step and repeat red carpet... !  Rhys #30 sponsored by Prada, Durex condoms, Range Rover.

Surprising how into it the straight boys were, although some considered spandex onesies to be appropriate drag... not that we minded at all!

 Rhys (below, far right) was far gone by this time. Happy birthday, Legend!
We continued the party up Oxford Street. And then this hairspray thing happened...
Having a blast!

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