Sunday, January 05, 2014

Happy New Year 2014!

Raspy voice, bloody feet, mystery bruises and hardly any nutrition have long been the hallmarks of a good time in my world. NYE 2014 ticked all the boxes! I headed up to Lismore for the fantastic Tropical Fruits NYE party and had a blast getting shot out of the proverbial cannon with these pussies.
The theme this year was "Circus" and we went as a pride of lions, with a sexy tamer (of course).
Tropical Fruits takes all that expectancy out of New Years parties, which generally are a let down. Out in the rural showgrounds of Lismore, hundreds of people camp out and you always make great friends, in addition to the ones they brought. The whole community leaves the attitude back home....
Hi Clark!
luncheoning. Who is Shirley's Big Top? 

Ben paints the neighboring lesbian.
Drew is our circus strong man.

Tropical Fruits ringleader, the legendary Maude Boat arrives to lead the parade through town:
 The NYE party begins...
the gang's all here.
She makes us feel self-conscious. 
Fellow expats, Nick and Ben

Cabaret acts all night.

hot nuts! (may contain traces of cock). 
Truman, ringmaster. 
Young Mike is a tightrope walker.  

Simon, Bam (as Lady Godiva!) and Jesse
And then there's the pool party on New Years day... minus any significant sleep, mind you.
(Photos by Brad Mustow)
I hope he is escorting me toward equally sensible footwear! 
I'm not making this look easy. 

Bam Bam contemplates the blizzard ravaging New York. 

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