Thursday, October 03, 2013

USA Government Shuts Down

What happens when bullies don't get their way? They destroy.

The Republicans took control of the House in 2010 and have not passed any substantial legislation since that time - and now, because they aren't able to take the nation's budget hostage and ransom it with provisions to strip health care reform (now a law, upheld by the Supreme Court) - they have forced a shut down of the government.

So with their pent up anger and hate, these spoiled brat politicians who can't get their way have chosen to destroy - without any concern for who they hurt. Certainly not concern for the nation, or the million federal workers now furloughed. These ideological fossils are the same ones who can't vote to pass a law requiring background checks on assault weapons, because it's not their children getting killed in mass shootings. I'm so glad not to be in the USA right now. Let's hope what the government shut down does accomplish is the shutdown of their careers.  

Rachel Maddow effectively outlines how they promised to do it all along.

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Tony said...

Amen Jesse -
The harm you described is not limited to the furloughed Federal workers. President Obama was forced to cancel his Asian trip this week which included two important regional summits. It has harmed an important foreign policy initiative and caused some of our friends in the region to doubt our ability to support them against aggressive regimes or terrorist threats. This not only jeopardizes US national security, but that of our friends in the area. These oblivious Tea Party thugs don't care. It's really bad. Maybe I'll move to Australia too.