Sunday, September 22, 2013

Blackmores Half-Marathon

Finished the Blackmores Half-Marathon yesterday. Gorgeous day racing across the stunning Harbour Bridge and finishing at the iconic Opera House. I came in at 1:27 (158 of 7500), and that includes an unprecedented (but 911 emergency) port-a-john pit stop at around the 12k mark! Not at my peak, but I was happy to have achieved my personal goal to beat anyone wearing headphones, an artillery belt, compression socks or those hideous primate shoes with toes.
For some reason, the half-marathon began before the full, which meant getting up at 4:30 and across the harbour for a 6:15 am start. And the spectacular scenery was dulled by the dull (and deadly quiet) streets of the CBD and its raked overpasses... but just look at this finish! 

Huge congrats to excellent finish of first time half competitors Bam and Simon, if not the waylayed-by-freak-injury Gerald. We earned our beers yesterday, and it was nice to race again. Full results here.


Tony A said...

Whoa Jesse -
Way to go. If my math is correct, you ran at under 7 minutes per mile. Outstanding.
And good on Bam and Simon.
Puts me to shame. Now I'll have to get my aged a** back into running an actual road race. Are there any sanctioned Half-Milers?

Anonymous said...

Great job Jesse,
I wonder if you realize what a lucky fellow you really are. All the gifts you possess! I wish I could just walk, let alone do all you have been able to accomplish.