Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mid-Life Crisis, Squared.

My essay in this month's OUT magazine was one I found difficult to write. It talks about what it's like being diagnosed with HIV later in life, giving voice to a population we don't often hear from. It also focused on my friend Jerry so treading carefully around a touchy topic while being as frank as possible was compounded by feeling the pressure to do justice to, and not misrepresent, his own story. If you don't have this month's issue, check it out online here. Out includes a great illustration by Keith Negley.

Jerry said he was considering showing the piece to his sister as a way of coming out about his status, which is the best compliment I could have hoped for. 


Anonymous said...

Another excellent article Jesse. It is important to always remember that nobody is immune from this disease and we must be constantly vigilant in our relationships.

You Friend Jimmy.

Tony A said...

Hey Jesse -
Important story,well written as usual. Looks like your friend Jerry is a winner.