Friday, August 09, 2013

Helpmann Awards

The Helpmann Awards honor achievement in live art entertainment - sort of an Australian Tony's. Not having seen much live theatre recently, I took the Sydney imperative: take any chance you get to go to visit the Opera House or harbour beaches, and went. We caught up with Tina Arena, Baz Luhrmann and a bunch of talented people mixed with sycophantic hangers on and fabulous nobodies.

Enjoying a pre-show drink among the gorgeous sails of the Opera House in moonlight. 
Any tribute to the Australian arts would naturally include a 20-minute celebration of Kylie Minogue in dance, which was a highlight. But as most of the awards were being accepted by proxies who gave rambling speeches of their own, not to mention many of the shows getting awards being crap Broadway knock-offs from 2005 (Legally Blonde?), a mid-show escape to the outdoor Opera Bar was in order.
This is winter - beautiful!
We returned for the after-party, which was the best part - and not just for the food and drink. We met this sweet duo, Patty and her gay pal David. They are best friends from ages ago, and have a cabaret act together. Patty's musician husband died this year and he was featured in the musical tribute of the Helpmann's, so it had been an emotional show for her.
Patty and David are looking to revive their act later this year, putting together a "Gershwin meets Liberace" cabaret (!) We talked all night about their past and future, as I kept insisting for their new act we showcase Patty up on the piano sultry and sparkling and purring like Michelle Pfeiffer in The Fabulous Baker Boys. Hopefully we'll have someone to cheer on at the Helpmann's next year!

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