Saturday, August 10, 2013

City 2 Surf 2013!

All of Sydney comes together for the most populated road race in the world! City 2 Surf has a whopping 80,000 entrants that includes (from what I saw) Superman, the Big Bad Wolf, and Elvis.
And they're off! The crowd pours out of Hyde Park from the city towards the sea. It becomes a game of Frogger/Dodgem to get around everyone and you begin to understand why there are participant limits to most races because here you can't get into the groove of your pace due to all the $&*$@ people in your way.

I've had a head cold but was really happy with my race, whizzing up notorious Heartbreak Hill and even having the energy to shout out encouragement to the people running nearby me. Who I'm not sure appreciated the loudmouth yapping... "hearbreak, nothing! You OWN this!"

Phew. I made it to Bondi ahead of all the kids and grannies (my updated road race fitness goal).
It was a gorgeous midwinter day- 20c/72f - so I joined several runners who dipped into the surf.
Look - it's an official entrant! Bam is on a fitness streak and placed high enough to seed himself in a faster start group next year.

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