Monday, July 22, 2013

Running The Hunter

Look how pretty Newcastle is in the dead of winter. 

 Gerald, his brother Mark and I headed up there for the winery 10K "fun" run. 

...But not before tearing through town. Dinner at Darby street, and then onto Unity nightclub - wherever that was! A taxi dropped us off here on the train tracks. Gerald and Mark got out of the car and gave me the jesseonthebrink... what fresh hell is this look. 

But the best part was getting back to our hotel, Noah's. We crashed a "Christmas In July" corporate event with a band, booze, and large ladies wearing taffeta. The "financial controller" pegged us quickly as not with the company (what gave us away?) and they kicked us out, wagging fingers and snatching glasses out of our hands (not before we pounded them). NOT the Christmas in July spirit!

Waking up at the crack of dawn was not pretty. Somehow we didn't make the dip in the convict built ocean pool I had sworn we were going to do...
 But the course was calling. It could have been worse, as there was a marathon option. The Hunter Valley 10K was an ideal (although Gerald kept threatening to do the 5K walk/run "Winery Wander") and it was a beautiful day.
The course had more hills than the Adirondacks and though I actually like hills, not having trained for months means it takes a lot longer to recover from them.
The views were spectacular, however, and thanks to my father being a distance coach.. I'm better the longer I go. I started to hit my stride after the 5k mark. Did a horrendous time of :45 but came in 29th, beating all the grannies, kids and was 20 minutes ahead of these two who phoned it in together!

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Tony said...

Hey Jesse -
Nothing like posting a comment over a week late. Congrats on the 10K time. You'd have beaten me by more than 20 minutes. Especially since after almost a week at the beach eating and drinking like a famine was approaching - I'm sure I've gained at least 5 pounds. Thanks for the spectacular photos too.