Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Crowd Funding: Do The Right Thing

I'm also excited about Jesse Matheson's new arts magazine THE FEED. He threw a launch party at protohub last Saturday for the crowd-funded first issue of his fabulous quarterly. When's the perfect time to start a new print publication? When nobody else is! Jesse and his creative friends realized they were already writing for free, so why not put their efforts into their own magazine? Read the most engaging stories on fashion, travel, arts, and why cinema needs more robots... in The Feed!
Jesse will be on my radio show, Gay Panic, this Thursday at 7:30pm. Yes, that show is still rocking the airwaves on 2SER 107.3, so tune in for all that glitters PLUS the latest on my co-host Jack Crane's sexual misadventures.

Sick of filling up landfills and contributing to the plasticization of the oceans? Support DIZM eco-eyewear - they're high performance (coming at you direct from the surf capital Hermosa Beach), super stylish, meant to last in outdoor action and made from cellulose acetate which is renewable, recyclable and compostable plant-based material - and not petroleum. 
The best part is, they're manufactured by my friends so please support their crowdfunding campaign here and get onto all those perks! You can also check it out on my blog's right margin. 

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