Monday, June 24, 2013

What're You Wearing Right Now?

Right now I'm wearing Jam briefs. They're slinky and sexy and snug. Get them at Rounderwear and while you're there, check out the enhancement briefs (padded front or back!) for that extra little subtle support - right where it counts.
What else are you loving? I can't stop listening to OX Live, Sydney's gay radio station. Only the latest, the remixes, and the Divas. Of course I really should be plugging my own radio show, Gay Panic (it's a scream) on 2SER FM (107.3) on Thursdays at 7:30pm and better than music - gossip.

And if there's one app that I'm using more than even Words With Friends, it has to be Viber. It's an awesome alternative (no ads!) to Whatsapp - and allows me keep in touch with friends and lovers overseas with free texts, photo sharing - and calls. Free! Plus I'm obviously all about a purple layout.

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