Wednesday, June 26, 2013

History Today

Watch the sprinting interns! Rachel Maddow neatly explains the Supreme Court's historic ruling, how it affects 25,000 couples immediately, and what will ultimately in states which still prohibit same-sex marriage. The plaintiffs say the court has affirmed to kids everywhere that they are just as good no matter who they love. It's mind-boggling for me to imagine what this would've meant for my own outlook if it happened 20 years ago.

It's also important to remember that with this decision, nobody loses. Not even the haters - for they had nothing to lose in the first place.

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Anonymous said...

My Dear Jesse,

If it is mind-boggling to you to imagine what it would have done to you if done twenty years ago, imagine what it would have done to some of us who were around fifty or more years ago!

Like any change, it always comes
s-l-o-w-l-y. . .

Tony said...

Hey Jesse -
Thanks for posting the Maddow clip. As she (and homophobic old Scalia) predicted, the legal assault on state SSM bans has now begun. As you may know by now, the ACLU has filed suit in Pennsylvania to overturn its SSM ban. Yesterday the ACLU announced its intention of filing a similar suit here in Virginia and also NC, where an anti-SSM referendum passed just last year. "Family values" organizations in both states are now frothing at the mouth about "judicial intrusion." Funny how they seem to like court decisions that reinforce their views, but none others, as if the courts are beholden to their views only.