Saturday, March 02, 2013

Happy Mardi Gras!

Parade this evening and big party overnight - and tomorrow and the day after that (let's not pretend i haven't been training for this my entire life!)  It's gay christmas here in Sydney and what's amazing is everyone's on board....

Oxford Street got a makeover:

I'm all for spending money for civic joy - fireworks displays and this rainbow crossing, but can you believe they budgeted $100,000 for it? Oh yeah, you know the government here had to do all manner of expensive assessments and studies on how it might blind seeing eye dogs or hurt the self esteem of the asphalt.

Check out Coles supermarket:

They even seem to have merchandised it in a rainbow! Coles has this Mardi Gras section - check it out... glow sticks, condoms, lube, energy drinks, hair removal creams, glitter spray. I was like THIS IS SOOO CLICHE at the same instant I was popping half those items into my basket. Well played, Coles.

Here is my gym, Fitness First:
I would love to do arm curls in one of those.


Tony said...

OK, do it! In that yellow feathered number and post it, of course. ( I meant do arm curls... )
BTW, you were lookin' good shirtless in those spangly blue pants in that FaceBook Mardi Gras pic.Looked like you were having fun.

Jesse Archer said...

Thanks Tony, yeah I have got to post those pics here now. It's all so redundant, eh?