Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mardi Gras 2013

Sydney's heating up with Mardi Gras season in full swing and the tourists flooding in.

My radio show on 2ser has been a blast, interviewing everyone from gay foster parents to Sydney's member for Parliament Alex Greenwich, and look here I am with David Hasselhoff:
I had no idea he sings? I wanted to ask about the drunken hamburger episode his daughter released but I wasn't allowed to, er, Hassle the Hoff.

Fair Day.
 Roowena and Ric at Roma's Bingo.
 Caught Justin Bond's cabaret at Carriageworks
The Roller Derby - "Vagine Regime" (Lesbians at play)
 My friend Finola doing dressage on her Hanoverian, Rapunzel.
 Spotted my favorite Body Attack instructor, that peppy tyrant JAQUI out at Midnight Shift...
After stopping the creatine powder, I ran/swam my best time in the Boy Charlton biathlon last week!

 Then wandered over to wanton women at the pink pussycat burlesque.

Don't have photos, but attended the opening of Mardi Gras film festival, and the very best of creative artistry from Dallas Dellaforce (at the very worst of venues, ugh). At 2am, Arq to features a Katy Perry tribute show headlined by Australia's top drag queens, including Minnie Cooper and Charisma Belle - inspiring talents who we also got to interview on the radio program.

Met this adorable ice skater who was showing me youtube vids of him landing triple axels in competition just before faceplanting into the ice. Hilarious. And I thought I had a google problem!
 No idea!
But then on Sunday - look what happened:
Mai Tai, Belle Igerent, Mayday and Nelly
We FINALLY made our illustrious debut at Polly's Follies - the amateur drag night. We had to lip synch perform three numbers for the audience and under the critical eye of the imperious Polly...

Boy oh boy, that will merit it's own blog post. Yes, I managed to get Bam on stage for one number... which has everything to do with how the entertainment got asked to leave the premises! I'll post all about it, but here's a quick teaser.
Belle Igerent (aka "thing") with Mayday

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