Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Is Your Dog Your Kid?

When I was growing up, dogs played in the backyard doing dog things: Harassing squirrels and digging holes and chasing their tails. They weren't designer, over-accessorized, or even that inherently interesting. Adult conversations weren't interrupted to just "look at that priceless expression!" My, how times have changed.  

If I called your dog stupid, would you kick me out? My friend Travis did. So I wrote a very arch piece about it in the Advocate. Read it here. Then read the comments calling me an animal abuser. 
In gay culture's rush for acceptance, are we not only becoming less edgy - but humorless? If my writing gets knickers in a knot - I know I'm doing something right. Long may I provoke the tamed.


sergio feldmann said...

Jesse, remember our cat Norton in BUenos Aires? and then you met my dog with the same name. You know how much i love my dog.

Anonymous said...

Just as you shouldn't discuss politics and religion, you shouldn't insult children nor pets. Parents can be very unforgiving when you do.

I doubt if you will be sleeping in an unsavory spot. You have too many friends for that. If worse comes worse I have a spare bedroom and bath you can use until you get on your feet. That is if you like a resort town many miles away from your present location.

One more thing. I have a pet who doesn't like to be insulted. If you insult him, he just may insult you back!