Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Gay Panic - pop up RADIO!

You've heard of pop up bars, pop up shops, even restaurants, and now POP UP RADIO arrives and yours truly has been asked to host. I now get to exploit my gift of gab and gossip (food of the GODS) each weekday through Mardi Gras season. As I told the producers, my face is SO ready for radio.
Our show, GAY PANIC, is hosted by 2ser fm, Joy fm and the Star Observer. Find Star Observer Digital on your digital radio or stream it online here. I always thought Gay Panic would be an awesome band name, but until I learn to lift a tune (let alone carry one) a radio show it shall be.
 Here I'm with singer Prophet Love (upcoming show 2/24), and co-host Jack Crane.

We're on weekdays 10 to noon, talking about everything queer - and they let us really go there. Jack has radio experience and is my perfect foil. He knows when to reel me back when I go on a (frequent) tangent and just how to cut me off when I take it too far (frequently). We've got a great group of producers on board who are more than game for my crazy ideas: "let's do a HUMP DAY HOOKER segment! How about a fag hag? Can we get a really old gay dude to talk about aging?"
two of our amazing team, Emma and Gemma
They wave their wand and the next day we're interviewing in the studio a sex worker (I just think it's so cool sex work is legal in NSW), a fag hag and a man who leads the Mature-Aged Gays group (and only came out after his wife of 50 years died)... who were all totally darling, by the way. And despite possibly breaking broadcast law by having solicited sex on the air, they still keep me around.

Today we had a Valentine's love (and celebration of being single) special and spoke to a relationship counselor who gave us all sorts of free therapy. Yesterday's show is already up if you want to have a listen to what goes down, including our chats with Harmony the sex worker, a studly chick from Roller Derby, and Jain from Mardi Gras Film Festival - which kicks off tonight.

GAY PANIC with Tim, another morning show host - and Marcus Whale from the band Collarbones


Anonymous said...


Congratulations on another accomplishment. You look happy/healthy/robust. Love the hair style and color.

You are very fortunate in being allowed to try so many different career paths. Just one more I wish for you: TV tour commentator or gay tour guide! But for now enjoy your good fortune in what I hope becomes another successful venture.

Gay Panic said...

Your show looks great. And we agree, Gay Panic IS an awesome band name.

Gay Panic

Jesse Archer said...

Gay Panic! That is awesome. We will definitely mention you - and play one of your tunes - on Gay Panic. We're now on Fridays on!