Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy 'Straya Day!

The long weekend was meant to be all wet - and began with a biathlon at Boy Charlton pool. My swim club buddy Drew and I SURVIVED. This easy breezy biathlon is fast becoming a weekly habit.
After that, the weekend raced quickly downhill!
Hit a pool party at my former CEOs, and caught up with loads of friends including gorgeous Andrea.
And made new friends. I've actually no idea what we were attempting to stage here...
Australia Day was a scorcher, which naturally called for a pool party. Thanks to my friend Clark for  hosting, and all the BOYS GONE WILD for an unforgettable day. 
the dessert table - pavlova and.. poppers.

It was one of those times you can imagine visitors coming by to view the gay species exhibit at the zoo. So playful and feisty without any macho aggression. It's like the dance floor, just add water.


Brad said...

Jesse - that party was on the roof of my building! I live on the flor below but I wasn't in Sydney for Australia Day. Damn - looks like I missed out!

Jesse Archer said...

Brad, no way! Next time I'll let you know when there's a party at your building. LOL.