Sunday, December 09, 2012

Holiday Gift Ideas?

Stuff your stocking with summer fun! Buy a DVD or download of my Fire Island comedy Half-Share for 20% off. With purchase this month, you'll be making a donation to help homeless youth in NYC.
Edge magazine writes, "What really makes Half-Share soar over the pabulum that substitutes for entertainment these days are the details... that, and the sweetness that lies just below the tartness."

Make it a triple? If you buy Going Down In La La Land here, Casper Andreas will send you Violet Tendencies for free! Just order by 12/15, and when checking out tell them you heard about the offer.
Finally, fellow blogger Paul V has just released his book, "Born This Way: Stories of Growing Up Gay". It's a collection of some of the best photos and stories from his popular blog of the same name.
I'm a big fan of the blog and the hardcover is now only $10 on Amazon.

From the Press Release:
Born This Way: Real Stories of Growing Up Gay is a collection of adorable childhood photographs accompanied by sweet, funny, and at times heartbreaking personal stories. Collected from around the world and dating from the 1940s to today, these memories speak to the hardships of an unaccepting world and the triumph of pride, self-love, and self-acceptance.

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Anonymous said...

Note from the UK cover for "Going Down In La La Land" that its been classified :"18"! That's the Australian equivelent of an "R" - you've done it again,just like your other films, not suitable for anyone under 18!!!