Saturday, November 17, 2012

Words With Strangers

I'm addicted to online scrabble "words with friends"and I'm not even GOOD. I'm so terrible that the only game I ever won was when my opponent surrendered. She only surrendered because she was crushing me so badly it wasn't worth continuing! I really need to get familiar with 3-letter words containing an X or a Q that would never be seen outside of a pharmacy. I also have an inkling there is some word breaker app they are using to crush me. And yes, I realize this could be self-delusion.

Friday night, friends in LA send me a photo to say HI. This is what I NORMALLY do with friends:
But when I got this photo I was busy playing "words with friends".

In fact, it's not even words with friends. My friends are not interested in playing because I've come so late to this tired trend, but I just got an iPod touch so... I'm playing strangers. I start games with random opponents from around the world. If they are too slow to take their turn, I start another game.
I woke up Saturday morning with 17 games going. It's taking over my life. I don't even know who I am anymore!

Wanna play? I'm EASY. Find me: jesseonthebrink

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