Friday, November 16, 2012

Total Eclipse!

 New York, NY: Sean won tickets to Madonna's golden triangle.
The sun don't shine in Madge's Vadge! He also taped Madonna's in-concert monologue where she spoke about smashing separation, and helping each other out after Hurricane Sandy. Check it out and pick up Half-Share while you're at it! 50% of profits are going to the AFC for LGBT homeless youth.

North Queensland, Australia: Bam Bam joined the geeks and freaks (astronomers and astrologists) to check out the full solar eclipse this week. I told him I would get the same effect by closing my eyes... and to take lots of photos with his thumb over the lens.

Tropical clouds threatened to ruin all the interplanetary fun, but they parted at the last minute and I must admit it does look death-star cool.

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