Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Is it OK to be left-handed?

I lived for a few months on the Caribbean island of St. Maarten, working on the set of that craptastic epic Speed 2 where I met a big black woman named Hyacinth. She was everything you might expect in a big black Caribbean woman named Hyacinth - tropical, boisterous, lovely. But one day she saw me filling out my voucher and she noticed I was writing with my left hand. Hyacinth said to me, "You will do the work of the devil."

I told her I was just born this way, but she said that didn't matter. Hyacinth said she had a daughter who was born that way, but not anymore. Hyacinth proudly told me she beat her daughter's left hand until she only used her right hand.

Got to hand it to Australia. For all its PC insanity, they do take interesting twists on the way they look at social issues. Take for example this short clip from BeyondBlue. Is it OK to be left-handed?

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Anonymous said...

The taboo of left hand is also in North Africa, that is the hand used to clean oneself after a dump. The right is used for eating and greeting. I was naturally left handed but persuaded to learn to write with the right hand. I use the left to paint and do most things.
Think you are quite normal (well, not mainstream....thank goodness), you are Jesse.


Keep using your left without apology.