Sunday, November 04, 2012

I'm Jesse Archer and I approve this message


Tony said...

Yeah Jesse -

What I can't figure out is why those who are"friends of Romney" for allegedly economic reasons think the Gov is gonna wave his magic wand on "Day One" and all of a sudden we'll be at full employment. Not gonna happen.
But meanwhile he'll be working to further restrict gays and women's rights. That's NOT a fair deal.
What makes Romney/Ryan's deal even worse is that in order to preserve estate and income tax breaks for the wealthy few, their platform would end the earned income and child tax credits. For ordinary households, such as a (hetero) married couple with 3 kids and household income of $28,000, that's a tax increase of $1,934. In Florida alone one million families and 1.7 million kids would be affected. Similarly in Ohio and Virginia. That's not only unfair (and I think immoral) it's bad economics. All of this to enforce DOMA and end Planned Parenthood? Makes no sense and is despicable into the bargain.

Jesse Archer said...

Hi Tony,
I agree that unfortunately the people who vote for Romney are not voting for him (whoever he is) or what he stands for (whatever that is) but rather voting against Obama.
It's shocking how the right can be so easily scared (and that's what it all boils down to, IMO) into voting against their own self-interests...
Let's hope all your hard work pays off tomorrow!