Monday, November 05, 2012

Here's How to Hurricane Help

Here we are at Melbourne Cup - the day Australia comes to a screeching halt for a horse race! It's the day you really want to be gainfully employed because nobody but nobody is doing any work today.

Meanwhile, New York braces for a Nor'easter, galloping in on the heels of Sandy. On Twitter they're competing to name the storm and last I read she was "Sandy's aggravating sister... RIZZO."

There are worse things you could do! Sandy is the real bitch. Parts of New York are still suffering post-hurricane peril and everybody's chipping in. The navy, and marines are in Staten Island. And when they canceled the NY Marathon, thousands of runners redirected their efforts, running around Staten Island on Sunday to deliver emergency supplies. And it appears the #Occupy movement is outperforming the Red Cross in this disaster. Where, you ask, is the tea party movement in all this?

There are a number of ways you can help. If you're in New York they need volunteers and supplies at Occupy Sandy, and they have been wading to the outer boroughs delivering goods and food to people in need.

I used to volunteer at the Ali Forney Center which provides food, shelter, showers, mental health and substance abuse services to homeless youth. Sandy has put their drop-in center underwater, and they need monetary donations to continue providing refuge to those most vulnerable.

Finally, you can shop! There is an online "wedding registry" at Amazon, where you can purchase much-needed and stop-gap supplies that will be delivered to the location and given out immediately.

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