Wednesday, November 07, 2012

F&*#@! PHEW.

Obama Re-Elected! The people have spoken, the 1950s can go back to bed and my heart will go on...

What's more? Marriage equality for the very first time has succeeded at the ballot. Maryland, Maine, and Washington State where I'm proud to say my awesome parents helped make equality victorious.

One Republican had his concession speech all ready to roll on the HuffPo, in a piece about how the conservative media got it wrong with all those bloated polls showing the entire country covered in red.  I particularly liked this post from the comment thread:

More people than not make me... PROUD to be from the USA!


Tony said...

Yeah Jesse -
Very good day for the President here in Virginia. And he crushed Romney in the City of Richmond where I've been pounding the pavement and a lot of other people worked very hard.
And an outstanding day for marriage equality. The Minnesota vote was the first time one of those pernicious ant-gay constitutional amendments was decisively voted down. Perhaps that the comment you copied out for us will prove true. One can always hope.

Jesse Archer said...

I can't imagine what it must have been like these past weeks in a swing state. Did people treat you alright?
Thanks so much for all your hard work, Tony. And you know, I heard President Obama thank you last night!!

Tony said...

Hey Jesse -
Our contact lists the last couple of weeks had been winnowed down by earlier phone calls from a huge "prospect" list based on the 2008 election and other indicators to likely supporters of the President.
So it wasn't that bad.
But, even the most sophisticated screening couldn't eliminate all the Romney people.
The week before the election we were making phone calls to recruit election day volunteers and I happened to call a mid-twenties female still on the list. I said, "Hi, I'm Tony, working with the Obama campaign, and are you available to help next week?" Laughter, then an astonished "Are you kidding?" I said I wasn't and still thinking I was one of her jokester buddies she said "You've got to be kidding." No this is for real, I said. Then, realizing it was true: "I would never vote for that man!" Slam went her phone. I actually got a big kick out of the call. She probably not such a happy camper now.