Monday, October 01, 2012

Return to Oz

Back to Sydney in all its glorious pre-summer splendor! I spent the long weekend intimately with my jet lag. Together we went through my affairs (ahhh, to touch them all over again!) and came across a birthday card from my friend Mike (aka Anita Dictionary). Inside, the best inscription ever:
At the time, I was too drunk to read it. Or was I trying to decipher the scribble? This spectacular find is fitting considering it's the month of OcSOBER. No doubt the month of Cocktober is preferable, but I've made a dry pact with Gerald (just think of the savings!), so the white-knuckling begins. So does Swim Club!

In exciting news, I've got a new home! My friend Richard graciously adopted two roommates (Bam and me) into his beautiful terrace home in Darlinghurst. So far, I can't keep my hands off his collection of books on old stars from Tallulah Bankhead to Mae West and the Paramount Pretties. There's also plenty of wine in the fridge. Is it maybe still September in... Guam?

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