Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Retribution Was Harsh, But Worth It

My favorite cousin Karen and I got together this past summer when I visited my parents in Trout Lake, and enjoyed our usual black sheep shenanigans - hillbilly rafting and beer blast spelunking. We're still shunned by certain family members for that episode when grandpa tried to drag me to hell, but this time we got up to mischief we actually do claim responsibility for. When Karen's mom, great aunt Aimee, went on a shopping trip to Portland...she asked Karen to look after her insipid white lap dog, Lucy.

At about the same time, Karen found some old-school food coloring in the house.
And I helped her give Lucy a luxurious spa treatment...
Pretty in Pink! 
It was the only occasion Karen has ever heard her mother utter the word DAMN. 

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