Monday, October 22, 2012

Love Your Lamas

Backpacking across South America and living inside of shoeboxes around Manhattan provided me with a crucial ability to edit. I travel with only a carry-on, and that's all I had while i was over in the States. That's not entirely true as my mom did generously take a few things to mail me in Sydney, marking the first time her impeccable hand has carved the words "studded bra" on a customs form....

So yeah - just one small bag, which means I can't collect things. But while in Salt Lake City, staying in the adorable guest house of my friends Rachel and Seth, I came across vintage shop DECADES. If you're ever in SLC, screw the temple tour and go back in time at this excellently curated shop. There was so much had to have and chief among them - a pair of Tony Lamas for just $30.
You can't get a poke in the eye in Sydney for $30. But nobody in Sydney is wearing cowboy boots. They also wouldn't fit beneath the leg of my skinny jeans so I couldn't wear them. Most importantly, there was no way they would fit into my small and stuffed carry-on.  

I resisted and left, but kept obsessing. A little bit like in Female Trouble when Divine stomps on the presents and throws her mom under the christmas tree when she doesn't get her cha-cha heels.

I told Rachel my predicament and asked her to come with me and tell me what to do. She graciously accompanied me to Decades, took one look at the Tony Lamas and firmly reminded me, "They won't fit in your bag and nobody wears cowboy boots in Sydney."
"So I should get them?"
"Yes," said Rachel. Thank you for being a friend!

I threw out my skinny jeans AND a pair of running shoes.

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