Friday, October 05, 2012

Truth and Dare - Gone Viral

I was partying in Los Angeles with my pal Andreas in June when we passed a man outside a medical van who asked if we wanted to come in and take a rapid HIV test. Right there on Santa Monica Blvd!  It would only take 15 minutes and not the former (or usual, in Australia) week of anguish, and I had just enough liquid whimsy to say yes. I entered that van like Hansel & Gretel peered into the oven, and as a kindly nurse pricked my finger, I turned to Andreas to say, "This could very possibly ruin my night..."

Now you could very possibly ruin your night, or that of one of your closest friends! Planning a get together? Birthday? Bar or Bat Mitzvah? Put down the kazoos, confetti, and elegant ice sculptures, there's a new party favor in town. Yes, the FDA has just approved the rapid, at-home HIV testing kit.

You can be that girl at the office who keeps a pregnancy test in her drawer. The one who's afraid to know, but has to know - like what's behind game show "Door Number One", or who your boyfriend's been texting all night. Now that element of anguished surprise once kept in antiseptic hospital corridor files is now at your home and much, much closer to the vodka. 

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