Friday, October 12, 2012

Breaking Bad's Krysten Ritter

Is Krysten Ritter a dead ringer for a Hollywood B Queen? I resisted watching Breaking Bad because let's face it - I like to watch pretty people and this cast had none of that happening, especially with a 50-plus chemistry teacher as its anti-hero. Thankfully, my friend Yvette was persistent that this is the best show on TV, and it is. The writing is so clever my brain struggles to catch up with its racing plot points. In season 2, it even gifted viewers with a pretty face: Krysten Ritter.
Ritter's smoldering looks bear an uncanny resemblance to RKO's "woman with the Mona Lisa smile", Jane Greer, best known for playingthe scorching femme fatale in the noir, Out of The Past. I even got to wondering if that resemblance is why they named Ritter's character "Jane". Is it just me?
Or is it just all glamorous white women look the same?

*Update* (thanks J.Lee) Krysten Ritter also evokes another old screen queen Gail Russell. Pretty white women! How to tell them apart? 


J.Lee said...

She looks a lot like Gail Russell from one of the most spooky movies ever...and ever so gay with brother and sister living together and the 'uninvited'...well, see the movie!!!

Gail was unprepared for stardom and drank her way to an early death, but her beauty was spectacular.

Jesse Archer said...

J.Lee - WOW, she actually looks even more like Gail Russell!! Those droopy sad beautiful eyes.

Thanks - must see The Uninvited.