Saturday, September 29, 2012

Queens of the Lake!

Best thing to do after baking in the desert heat of Burning Man? Jump in a lake! Dylan and I drove to Utah and joined several new friends on a houseboat in gorgeous Lake Powell. Located on Utah's border with Arizona (red states, blue waters), Lake Powell is like a fabulously flooded Grand Canyon.

Chris and David (they met in the Air Force and have been together 17 years) generously hosted us and put lots of time, energy and love into planning this big trip. Boating, waterskiing, tubing, body painting, gourmet meals, cliff jumping - even professional pole dancing (show us how it's done, Andy!) on our massive houseboat.

There was even Bam, live from Australia!

 Plenty of cliff jumping (stay tuned for group video).
Bam and I inch our way to the edge
mid-plunge action
Jeremy tries to toss off the tubers! Mostly, they do leg lefts and flip us off. 
Wes, Andy and Daniel.  
Wes Wakeboards
Jeremy on the slalom!
He looks a lot like the box model. Posin'
Lake Powell was my first time waterskiing. How many firsts do I have left? What a workout getting yanked out of the water. After a couple days, I got up on two skis and then finally on the last day the single slalom - if only for 10 seconds. Thankfully no photo evidence.

We took a group outing 30 miles in a speedboat down the lake to the Rainbow Arch. Speeding past spectacular canyons, the sun glistening on still water - that's the last thing I want to see before I die!

Rainbow Arch - wait, aren't all arches in a rainbow shape? Nonetheless, Rainbow Arch is a stunner - and considered the world's highest natural bridge.
11 quipping queens and 1 very amiable (and tolerant!) Ranger Smith. 
this outfit not approved by the Parks Dept.
with the new love of my life: whipped cream flavored vodka.
Meanwhile, back at the houseboat:

Bam perfects the "Pabst Smear" - the fine art of drinking Pabst beer pooled in Andy's back
Victor shows me the proper way to administer Tequila
Dylan introduces the Pabst funnel 
and endures its vengeance...
Corn on the cob, elegantly spritzed. 
glow in the dark paint and black light - for your consideration! 
Victor, in handstand! 
All hands on Daniel
That crafty Dylan painted me with Aboriginal realness. Wow.
rock nesting, and loungin' with Jeremy and Scott
This photo below is Bam hanging onto the tube, before we went racing out into the lake, speeding over multiple wakes that sent him flying like a rag doll into the stratosphere. We were all doubled over with laughter, but he cracked some ribs on a hard lake landing. "It was all worth it," he said, such a trooper.

Bam and Jesse, in happier times! 
So hard to say goodbye.


Anonymous said...

Jesse, Jesse,

Thanks for showing we peons how life should be enjoyed!

Jesse said...

Haha! If only the real world didn't keep calling...

Anonymous said...

Dear "Outfit not approved by the Parks Dept."

Loved photo #17.

Compliment: You look very sexy, sensuous, and serious!

Comment: Get yourself a pair of Paul Bond's. They will enhance your image!2