Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hollywood: Liza Minnelli, Pool Parties and Pals!

I thought the heavens might rain glitter seeing Liza Minnelli at the Hollywood Bowl. Also known as the gayest thing ever. As my pal Matt Breen put it, "If Liza dies on stage, we can dine out on the story the rest of our LIVES!" 
with Ronnie Kroell (my gorgeous co-star from Into the Lion's Den) and Matt Breen pre-Liza. She arrived 45 minutes late and a lot sweaty. Then she proceeded to sing songs nobody knew, and consistently talk about Marvin Hamlisch, the recently deceased composer of A Chorus Line. He became such a talking point that every time she mentioned "Marvin", we all took a shot of wine. 

If only we could have done that on the set of Sex and the City 2 for her 4-day "All the Shingle Ladies" scene! The best I ever saw Liza was catching her show at the Palace... but this? We had a blast, despite Liza! What good is sitting alone in your room? 
It soon got heated between those wanting to hang on every word of Liza's never-before-heard slowest hits feuding with those of us having fun at her expense. What were we supposed to do? Liza insisted the house lights flood the audience the whole time. And we did put on a better show. Especially after security forcibly removed my friend Scotty from the venue. 

Now officially the gayest thing on the planet is not Liza Minnelli at the Hollywood Bowl, but being EJECTED from Liza Minnelli at the Hollywood Bowl. I want that on my resume! 
Pre-concert picnic with Scotty, Tina, my USC darling Helen (chugging wine), Andreas, Matt, Christian and Jeremy. 

Matt's boyfriend Andreas is Austrian and just moved to LA for looooove!! And wouldn't you? They are the cutest couple ever. I got to know Andreas when the Austrian was in Australia for a few months this year. He was my swim club buddy and partner in crime and when he left Sydney I was bereft! So fun to see him happy in LA and for us to reunite for a few shenanigans this side of the Pacific. 
Post FuBar creaming - Andreas' first trip to IHOP!

Wait, who is this? 
No trip to Hollywood would be complete without a bit of FILM BUSINESS! Had a great meeting with prolific writer Chad Darnell and producer Kathy Weiss about our next project, LIZARD PEOPLE - an inter-generational comedy/drama set in Palm Springs. He's already got Leslie Jordan and myself attached, with scripts to George Takei, Richard Chamberlain and Robert Gant. He's scouted locations in Palm Springs and is looking to join forces with GLEH, and now seeking investors - if interested, hit me up for an investor pack and script. I can't WAIT for this project to film.

I'm also very excited about Allison Lane's (Candy from Going Down in La La Land) new feature, "The Homewrecker" now in its final draft stages... just love seeing my friends making their creative dreams happen. I'm currently working on writing scripts for a couple treatments I developed back in Sydney... and you inspire me!

Also inspiring was Audrey & Mel's annual Crab Boil. I was lucky to fly in just in time for Audrey to give me crabs!

Of course no trip to LA would be complete without pool parties. Like Sunday at the Standard Hotel in an alien shaped waterbed cabana. "You have no idea how uncomfortable this is!" Bottomless drinks courtesy of the lovely Scotty!  
Frank, Scotty and Jerem

Another day, up to the Hollywood Hills.... for an iconic pool party at the home of Chad and Brian
Jeremy, Messe, Andreas, Matt: We have never looked better!! 
I also got to chill with Jeremy and Christian at their beautiful, secluded oasis... complete with massive dog and my old squawking nemesis Romeo the parrot. Makes me want to move back to Los Angeles!

But then I remember being trapped in my car in traffic on the 405...

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