Monday, July 16, 2012

All Around Town

Hit the Met for the Prada and Shiaparelli exhibit. They're two top designers from different eras and I learned a few very important things. Firstly Schiaparelli is mostly known for that lobster dress that Wallis Simpson wore back in the 30s. Lobsters on a dress. It's clawfully daring! Oh, the whimsy.
I also learned important things about Prada. Namely, that she is still alive. She is also a woman and not just any woman, a very DRAB woman. Which is shocking for someone renowned for imaginative flair. A friend told me Prada looks this way because she considers herself a Marxist. "A champagne Marxist" he added, sardonically. Who doesn't known plenty of billionaire Marxists who sell a pair of shoes for $4,000? I'm also trying to wrap my head around her concept of "ugly chic". I mean, it's one of those words and it's not the latter:
Also caught the Scissor Sisters concert at an amazing venue and hung out on the 3rd floor balcony where there was space to dance away with Margret and Sharon. Brandon got us the tix and then braved the sweaty crowds below for this pic.
Despite Bam getting in a tiff with the lead singer at a New Years party upstate a few years back, I really do like the Scissor Sisters music and their new "Let's Have a Kiki" song is definitely that one song that will define the summer of 2012. It's everywhere and I love it.

At the end of the concert, Ana Matronic said, "You better love New York because New York hates you! And if you start to feel like New York is loving you... then you have WON." Ain't that the truth!

I was blessed to catch Angela Lansbury on Broadway in Gore Vidal's 3 act political drama The Best Man. Normally a "3 act politcal drama" translates to "run!" in my head but I just adore this woman. From Gaslight to Picture of Dorian Gray to the Manchurian Candidate she's just sensational and watching her race around spry and energetic at 86, you realize that purpose and passion (how one should really define "work") keeps you alive.
Also amazing was James Earl Jones (Darth Vader!) playing a dying President. I couldn't tell if he was actually dying or if it was just the character. When he said, "Get a stretcher, I can't move." I didn't doubt him for a moment. However, he was the best thing about this production. Word is that these two 80-somethings will be doing a production of "Driving Miss Daisy" touring... Australia!

John Stamos, John Laroquette, and Sex and the City's Kristin Davis were also fun in their roles but then there was a bloated Cybil Shepherd wandering aimlessly about the stage and delivered her lines like a child who was told which words to say but didn't understand what those words meant. I believe Cybil was simultaneously trying to wrap her head around the concept of "ugly chic" while attempting to act.

Enough of uptown, let's go downtown with Crazy Dan to... the COCK!
The cool factor skyrockets when you frequent establishments with signs like this.
couple this sign with a disco ball and you have "degenerate glamor", a concept Prada will surely rip off for her 2013 collection. 
Now head WAY downtown (the end!) where Coney Island retains its authentic decrepitude, vibrancy and color. Had to avoid shards of glass on the beach but that's not why Wayne is wearing a bag on his foot. He had an operation earlier in the week so Lee was kind enough to take him into the water so he could at least dip the other leg in!
We took a whole crew out there to hit the boardwalk, play the carnival, and ride the rickety 1927 Cyclone roller coaster! Oh, and eat a Nathan's hot dog... home of the annual hot dog eating contest.
As someone noted, we're eating between a Hore hotel and a Clam Bar!

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Tony said...

Hey Jesse -
Angela Lansbury is amazing.
My first impression of her was as the evil mother-in-law in the original "Manchurian Candidate" film.
So I was blown away when I saw her joyous, singing, high-kicking performance in the original "Mame" on Broadway.
Then I got to see her brilliant, darkly comic performance as the original Mrs. Lovett in "Sweeney Todd."
(Please don't do the math.)
Compared to all that, her Jessica Fletcher, as well as it was done, was just pablum.
So glad you got to see one of the great Broadway performers of all time.