Saturday, June 23, 2012

No-Drama Drama VS. the Anarchist

I was trying to explain Bam Bam the concept of his "No-Drama Drama". He's so extremely no-drama, it actually becomes a drama of its own and most people can't understand - least of all him.

All the times he doesn't answer the phone, doesn't let me know what he's up to; his tendency to retreat and leave me making excuses for his absence, the fact he'd rather twirl his hair than argue with me... it's all what I term no-drama drama. He scoffs at such an idiotic idea, but I say he can't just dismiss the assessment of someone he's lived with for 6 years.

So Bam turns it back on me and says, matter of fact and succinctly; flowing from his tongue as if rehearsed, he says: "You're an aggressive, highly opinionated, angry anti-establishment anarchist." WOW.

Props for the alliteration.. although you forgot alcoholic! Obviously I can't dismiss the assessment of someone I've lived with 6 years, but there must be a way to phrase that in a nicer way. He says there isn't, really. But hastens to add, "It's not a bad thing. I'm cool with it." See what I mean? No-Drama Drama!

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