Thursday, June 28, 2012

Matinee Party

In an effort to wipe us out completely, we got tickets for the Pride weekend day party MATINEE. This was on Saturday of Pride Weekend. It was something outdoors and different  - held on the man-made beach over at abandoned Governor's Island.
Gov's Island has great views of lower manhattan, including the nearly complete Freedom Tower - lit red, white and blue. But going there means waiting forever for a ferry that goes about five minutes across the harbor. We could've swum there faster.

It was curious to watch the general public descend from the ferry before we boarded. They got off to find a massive lineup of boys... all in tank tops with the sides ripped down, muscles, hair perfect, designer sunglasses, shorts and colored high tops. What that must be like is exactly like seeing a lineup of big-tittied black women in hair weaves and Flo-Jo nails eating from buckets of extra-crispy Colonel's. An array of cliche. Fun! Fun and awkward.

Of course the shirts came off right when we got to the beach. A little bit of diva worship with Natasha Bedingfield who put on a great set despite sporting Gaga shoulders from 2010.
photo: Queerty!
A little diva worship outside with my friend Leslie.
 With CoolDan! You can tell it's Saturday before Sunday's march because of the body hair. 

The go-go gods were all under-the-sea inspired. Loving the seahorse headdress. 
Yes, we appreciate your beauty!

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