Sunday, June 17, 2012

If we were birds, men would get all the makeup!

As a kid, I remember being discouraged from rolling my yellow socker socks up to my thigh like stockings. And I was only five when stopped from spending time at my friend's house down the street because it was discovered she and I played dolls together. I don't even remember my friend's name, maybe she was called Amy, but I distinctly remember that forbidden doll. She was My Friend Mandy.

All my life I've been disinclined to follow gender roles, but I have never once questioned my sex. I may have liked playing with dolls and dressing up but I never actually wanted to be a woman. I can't understand what it's like to feel trapped in the wrong body, because I have no personal experience with transsexuality. But if I ever had a trans or questioning kid, I hope I'd be as supportive as the parents in this video who also surely cannot understand, but nevertheless chose to love, listen and let.

I learned quite a lot from this episode, "Becoming Me" by In The Life media.


TheGregoryProject said...

besides your words Jesse, the woman at the end summed it up perfectly ...

"i think what we need to do with our kids is let them be who they are and walk with them on this journey. if it is a phase it will end, if it is not a phase it will not and we don't get to make that call, the child will make that call"

Carlin said...

Loved this video and glad you shared it. Even as open-minded as I am, I have to admit, trans people have been a mystery to me. But this video helped me understand it better. These kids are so lucky that they've dealt with it early and have supporting parents. And WELCOME BACK TO NEW YORK!! We've missed you! The "Apple" is always better when you're sprinkling some glitter and fairy dust on it!