Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Gay Pride Parade New York 2012

So thrilled to reunite with my friends in New York for yet another edition of gay pride parade infiltration. This year with more MSG! We all took a twist on the Chinese Year of the Drag-on.
Becky, Cooldan and Jesse
Getting ready: Marcos and Travis
I can't take any visual creative credit, which is why I surround myself with creative friends. Not only do they come up with amazing looks for themselves - they come up with mine, too! I had dragon fabric shipped to CoolDan who created my awesome kimono. When he emailed his sketch to me in Australia, I was concerned it was not going to be short enough. "Oh, it will be short," he wrote back. "Practically a belt." Perfect!

Heels were the first purchase: gold encrusted flamed stilettos. Totally impractical - like all things of beauty!
Thanks to our photographer friends Wendy and Charlie for dropping by!

For makeup, hair and all-around finessing - we had the superlative skills of our pal Harrison who is the visuals expert at YSL. He's a MacGyver of styling. Give the guy a stick of gum and two twigs and presto! Runway styled. The day before, Harrison took me shopping in Chinatown. When I suggested what we needed to complete my look he said, "We're not looking for anything, or we won't find it. The secret is to not look." Ok, Confucius! We found it. Pagoda earrings and so much more!
harrison does dan
Drag-on Roof
Gaysha Wayne
Sexy dragon-slayer Leslie
Anita Light
And other fire-breathing dragons.

Gideon and Harrison
Fine, I'll walk.
We made it to 5th Avenue at 20th street and didn't even have to climb over the barricades this year - the police kindly opened it right up and let us in.  We got sandwiched between the float for Evita on Broadway and the Cirque du Soleil. Couldn't really get more theatrical.
Wayne and uncle Billy!

Thanks to Cyndi Lauper for being Grand Marshall this year (and knocking it out later at the Pier Dance - ending her "True Colors" song in the middle of the chorus, fist in the air: "Don't be afraid!")

Becky was our superstar celebrity. This stellar pic made media outlets from Daily Beast to CNN:
And her take-out titties got a full page in color in the NY Post! Epic.

Happy Pride!


Tony said...

Jesse -
The eye treatment, "kimono," and heels were all fab, but WTF was that on your head? Scary! Despite that you were as fetching as ever. Loved the oriental theme and your entourage looked great. You all reminded me of that number from The Mikado: "three little girls from school are we..."

Lesley @ Altair said...

Hi Jess, You not be across the road, But I can still see YOU...Lesley

Lesley @ Altair said...

Hi Jesse
Missing you from the fifth floor window.. Have fun freezing here. Lesley x